Becoming a Bahama Mama

As a graduation gift, I had the opportunity to spend a very memorable and very amazing weekend in one of the most beautiful places in the world: The Bahamas.

Being a Titanic and Poseidon fan, the idea of boarding a large boat to sail miles off the coast of Florida for four whole days was a bit unsettling. No, there aren’t any icebergs in the warm, southern waters of the Bahamas, but as for an unsuspected tidal wave caused by an earthquake, now that is something I wanted to avoid. I have never been one to underestimate the spontaneity of mother nature. Can you tell I’m a paranoid person?

After convincing from a friend that a cruise was indeed, safe, we flew to the neon city of Miami, where we then proceeded to board the Norwegian Sky, one of the ships on the Norwegian Cruise Line.


Day 1 was a blast. After meeting Lisa, my wonderful mother #2, we explored the ship and I bombarded my friend with a plethora of GoPro pictures and videos. We ate, we drank (18 = legal overseas hayyyy), we had a good time. I had been so caught up with meeting new people and exploring the ship that I ceased to notice the large city of Miami, slowly becoming smaller behind the us. The Emily a few hours before would have felt a slight pang of uneasiness, but I was simply having too much fun to give a damn.

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Day 2 had no mercy for the pale tourists, like myself, that ventured to Grand Stirrup Cay. Not one cloud breezed across the sky and I was left burned, salty and completely okay with it. I was in the Caribbean!

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My friend and I had chosen a jet ski excursion around the island, which I had not anticipated to be led by two, exotic, Jamaican men who were comfortable enough on their jet skis to do jumps and tricks all the while scaring me half to death. I refused to go over 35 miles an hour, terrified to be accidentally thrown into the deep, various creature-filled waters (I mistakingly watched The Shallows just before the trip). After we got into shallower waters where I would visibly make sure there were no sharks, I  leapt into the sea. The water was beautifully blue and welcomingly warm and we even found a starfish. I was basking in a dream.

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Great Stirrup Cay Lagoon
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Our Jamaican friend & a starfish
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Jetski Day

After getting back to the island, we attempted (and failed) to play volleyball for a bit and then proceeded to venture back to the ship. I was burnt completely satisfied. After a generous dinner and a decent number of glasses of Pinot Grigio, we ventured back out to the pool deck, where purple, neon lights were flashing and the heavy bass of Rihanna thumped through the crowd of drunken people. Quickly, we joined them dancing, meeting more brilliant people and socializing the night away.

Day 3 was my favorite day. We arrived on the beautiful beaches of Nassau, where we quickly turned around to board another but much smaller boat. Luckily, the boat wasn’t crowded, and Bob Marley’s reggae melody echoed through the speakers.

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Nassau, Bahamas

We got to the island, I whipped out my GoPro and we snorkeled until our hearts content.IMG_8773 The water was crystal clear and every vibrant color of the reef was visible on the surface. we jumped off the boat, we snorkeled, we swam, and I finally got to channel my Deep Blue Jessica Alba. Another excitingly exotic tour guide called the time and we boarded, ready to explore the rest of the colorful island. On the way back, we tanned and drank our rum-punches that we gladly poured from a gatorade cooler, while cruising by Beyonce’s Bahama mansion. It was bliss.

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Waving to Mamacita

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When we got back to the island, my friend and I decided it was time to really take advantage of the younger (better) legal drinking age in Nassau. A few colorful daiquiris and a broken flip flop later, we were a couple of true, sunburnt, Bahama Mamas.

One Bay with my #1 bae ft. my daiquiri stained tongue

We successfully made our way back to the ship, befriended the soft serve machine and showered. In 30 minutes and squeezing into, what seemed to resemble a blue, shiny napkin (my friend, in maroon) we found the bar, the nightclub, our new friends, and proceeded to have a good time. It was the perfect end to the perfect trip.

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Day 4 was when the post-perfect vacation depression kicks in, the moment you step off the ship. We said our goodbyes, flew back home and began blowing up Instagram.

The Bahamas was simply perfect. The sun, the sand, the water.. it was amazing, and absolutely a trip I hope to experience again. I am, now, a certifiable Bahama Mama.

For a full video of my trip, click the link below:


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