20 Things You Think When Flying

20. *steps on to plane* Is there free wifi?

19. Aw I wanted the window seat.

18. If my phone dies, I die too.

17. This seat just doesn’t lean back far enough.

16. When did they stop handing out blankets?

15. Can’t. Sleep. At. All.

14. “I’ll get my work done on the plane!” LOL sike.

13.  Yes, please speak louder, complete stranger. It’s just you on the plane.

12. I have to pee but am I willing to interrupt both of the people I’m sitting with to get up so I can move out?

11. *sits next to cute guy* *sees wedding ring* Damn it.

10. *looks around* I wonder who would be the next Ian Somerhalder if some Lost situation started happening.

9. Whose baby is that?

8. Goodbye Personal Space

7. What is that smell?

6. Dear lord, is there an off button on this person?

5. No peanuts for me, thanks.

4. Ooh I want to sit next to that.

3. Are they letting a student fly?? Geez.

2. Is there alcohol in this?

1. “We will be arriving in 20 minutes in…” Bless.


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