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Top 10 Things To Do in Jacksonville, Florida

10. Pay A Visit to Peterbrooke

Nested in a small shopping center of Atlantic Beach, it’s hard to miss the multicolored Peterbrooke when driving to the beach. Only four blocks away from the Atlantic coast, the neon-lit, chocolate kingdom sits in the heart of Atlantic beach.

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Handmade Cookies n’ Creme

Owned by a brother and sister, the chocolatier has everything from massive chocolate stilettos to beautifully dipped strawberries, and deliciously decadent, hand made ice cream. Yum!


9. Cruise The Beaches

On the coast of the Atlantic sits many beautiful beaches filled with friendly, Floridian folk and soft, white sand. If you’re from a large state (I’m Texan), chances are you will not be equipped with the patience to deal with slow, beach-surrounded speed limits. Ranging 25-45mph, it is going to take time wherever you go, so why not try a bike and enjoy the laid back, beachy atmosphere? You get to enjoy the palm trees and ocean breeze while cruisin’ through Mayport, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jax Beach, and Ponte Vedra, which are right on top of each other. (& you get a nice tan!)

8. Walk The Pier

Among the rows of late night, neon bars and restaurants with mostly ‘surf’ on the menu, the Jacksonville Beach Pier is necessary for an amazing view of the coast (and even oogle & ogle at the cute surfers). 

View from Jax Beach Pier
View from Jax Beach Pier

Not only are the locals always prepared to help take a picture for you, but they are also fishing off the pier for bait and dinner! With only a 1$ entrance fee, the Jax Beach Pier is the perfect place for an unforgettable sunset and view of the Atlantic.


Jax Beach Pier
Jax Beach Pier


7. Beach Day

Why not spend a day under what the state is known for? The sunshine! Grab a bag and head to the beach. The waves are decent for family time, but sometimes a disappointment for the hardcore surfers out there. The sun can get extremely hot, but fear not! The breeze coming off the rolling waves is just cool enough for beach bliss. If you’re looking for a highly populated area, head to Jax Beach! It’s right next to the pier and there are always tons of people playing sand volleyball. If you’re looking for a quiet spot, try Atlantic Beach! It is right in front of the residential community, so the beaches are, for most of the time, barren. The sun can get extremely intense, especially in the middle of the summer, so don’t forget to bring water and sunscreen!

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Yes, it says #wreckem’ in the background.


6. Go Deep Sea Fishin’

Fishing day begins at 5:30am

Florida is home to so many different types of beautiful, and tasty, fish. Tag along a fishing boat and catch everything from kingfish to red snapper and from grouper to sharks! Be prepared though, those fish have more strength than you think! Don’t forget to bring your fishing license and a strong dose of Dramamine for the sea-sickness. (It’s okay, I get it too)

Me, holding a kingfish
Me, holding a kingfish
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Leonardo, where are you when I need you?

5. Take a Stroll

…in an expensive neighborhood! Many of the houses on the beach start at 1 million dollars and go up from there. Its fun to see what these wealthy people spend their money on. Double doors, dune homes, triple story homes, 15ft fountains, granite walls/walkways, basketball courts… you name it! Also nested between these large houses are the smaller, more character-filled homes.

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Condo Colors in Atlantic Beach

Teal-colored doors are just the beginning. Locals paint their homes banana yellow and hot pink, complete with sea-shell accessories and porches with worn down flip flops. Its a sight, that is for sure!

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Dune home, Neptune Beach
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Beach House/Blue Door Neptune Beach


4. Cool Off With Some Ice

Mango Gelati

After a long day in the sun, the first thing you crave is is something cold. Rita’s Italian Ice, located off of A1A in Jax Beach, is the best medicine for post-beach cravings. Choosing from a list of tropical flavors, you have the choice to get simply the Italian ice, blend it with some ice cream, or reach for the cherry-topped sundae all together. Mango Italian Ice… it’s the best.

3. Visit the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

A pool. A restaurant. A spa. A beach. A BAR. These are the golden words that describe the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club. Under the beautifully tropical, Spanish tile roof, you have the choice of taking a dip in the pool (or hot tub), ordering some of the BEST foods in Florida (try the fries), riding the Atlantic’s waves, tanning by the water, and even enjoying one or two (or several) drinks by the water.

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Mango Daiquiri(s) at Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

A family facility, PVIC is still one of the best on-the-beach places to visit if you need a semi-private getaway with you family. The young men amongst the staff are extremely attractive, however, ‘cabana boy’ wasn’t in their job description.


2. Take Some Cute Beach Pics

Haven’t you ever been pinning into oblivion on Pinterest when you come across a cute photo of a tan-skinned girl with long hair doing some weird shit with a pineapple on her head? It’s so random… but so cute! Now is the time to break out that ‘Beach Pix’ folder hidden at the bottom of your profile and put it to some use! You’d be surprised by what you come up with.

Pinterest inspired & ridiculously difficult
Pinterest inspired & ridiculously difficult


  1. Enjoy Your Time Away From Reality

You. Are. On. Vacation! Seas the day! Soak up the warm sunshine or grab a drink by the water. See the sunset or cruise through the beaches, Jacksonville is your oyster!  As the cold beer drinking, beach loving Zac Brown Band once put it ‘I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand. Not a worry in the world but a cold beer in my hand, life is good today, life is good today.’

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