Top 5 Things Every Girl with a PSL Wears in the Fall

As the leaves change from luscious greens to warm oranges and yellows, the basic, female, fall stereotype has begun to emerge once again in the wake of Ugg boot sightings and the recent re-release of the Pumpkin Spice Everything.

  1. That oversized sweater that you got as a hand-me-down. Or even one that you picked up at H&M. Whether it’s old or new, oversized sweaters are a must. Why? Because the neutral colors simply cease to clash with anything… and you can eat as much as you want and your boat will remain unseen.
  1. Uggs. Obviously. Even though some places in the south (ahem, Texas) rarely ever see a flake snow, girls still feel it is their duty to sport the obnoxiously large, yet wonderfully comfortable boots. To females, it is the signature of fall and the gateway leading straight into winter, all sewed up into a large, furry pair of boots. They go with almost everything in the category of comfortability, which is everything a college girl ever needs.
  1. One Scarf. Two Scarf. Red Scarf. Blue Scarf. Infinity. Long. Thick. Frayed. Patterned. Crimped. There are SO many options when it comes to this essential addition to your fall wardrobe. Not only are scarves stylish, but they also provide warmth during a brisk day. It can be the centerpiece of an ensemble or simply the accessory to an outfit; scarves are a definite necessity to your collection. ‘nuff said.
  1. Riding boots, even though none of us owns a horse. One of the best things about riding boots is that you can dress them up or dress them down. You can wear them with leggings or jeans completed with a dressy blouse or you can go the comfy route and slip on that neutral, oversized sweater. Another great quality about riding boots is that they are secretly comfortable. As a college student, walking across campus in riding boots seems daunting, but in reality, it is actually extremely comfortable. Plus you look adorable anyway.
  1. LEGGINGS. If you somehow live on another planet and don’t own a pair of plain, black, lyrca-laced, butt accenting leggings, go out and buy a pair now. Leggings can be the KEY to the fall and winter seasons. One of the best qualities about leggings is that they are able to be worn with almost anything! Uggs? Yes. Riding boots? Yes, please. Over-sized sweater? Yaaas, comfy! Scarves? Sounds like a cute outfit opportunity. Plus, who doesn’t love showing off their butt? Fall is simply left incomplete without leggings and of course, a season favorite, the PSL.

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