Where is Our Humanity?

We began with two and expanded to many, producing more and more until we were truly the new species in an old world.

Human, is what we called ourselves.

Similar to other species before us, we have our own ways of showing anger, happiness and love. Although humans were intelligent, adaptable and conveyed emotion, we had something that no other species did. We possessed a defining quality that distinguished us as different from the rest to whom we shared this world with.

We have humanity.

It’s amazing how quickly we forget that.

We’ve come from a society of trial and error. We make a mistake, learn from it, and then move on, forever learning what to do and what not to do. After trudging through epic wars, genocide, and evil, one would think that compassion would be hard wired into our brains right about now. One would think that the idea of humanity was not lost in the generations of mistakes and evil that has come across our lands.

However, we forget.

Coming to a stop light in a metropolitan city, some humans look away from another human being whose been beaten and battered by misfortune, sitting on, what may be, their only possession.
That’s one of us.
Ignoring the screams that erupt from a neighbor, some humans brush off what could be a lethal, domestic issue just to stay away from an ounce of untimely confliction.

That’s one of us.

Driving past a symphony of red and blue lights, some humans refuse to stop and help. Instead, they are eager to get to an appointment that quite possibly may not be as pressing as the troubled figures that are desperate for assistance.

That’s one of us.

Where has the humanity gone from our world?

Why is it that some of our own turn from the broken and focus only on themselves and their own lives?

We may live separate lives, but we are all from the same place, we all share this earth, and we were made to help each other.
Live compassionately. Pay it Forward.
Don’t forget your humanity.

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