It’s What You Do Between the Tolls

How do you measure time? Is it how slowly or how quickly you watch someone grow? Is it found in the drastic changes in our characters? Is it the amount of delicate memories kept in your heart? Everyone measures time differently. A parent may measure time by how quickly their child grows. A friend may measure time in the witnessing of another friends rise or demise. A lover may measure time with how many intimate moments are shared in the midst of passion. We all spend our time differently, however the value of our time depends on how we use it.


The truth is, some are afraid of living in time that is continually ticking. As soon as the clock of our life tolls with our first breath, it does not ring again until our last. What we do in between those tolls is what matters most.


Beginning college, I was terrified. My career could be purely based on how I spend the next four years, and the pressure was terrifying. I was so scared because the pressure and importance that was my life sat resiliently in my hands and patiently awaited the shaping into a path that leads only into an unknown. I was scared to make a mistake; I was scared to live. I walked on eggshells, carefully calculating every decision that was sent my way. I was so scared to take a risk that I wasn’t living. What did I learn? We cannot let our days pass in the fear of shaping our lives incorrectly.


It is said that we are the makers of our own lives; the writers to our own story. Every story is supposed to have conflict. Every story is supposed to have excitement and intrigue with heartbreak and obstacles.


However, what we forget, is that all these stories are written differently.


Everyone’s clock tolls differently. Time in every story has never been the same, however the amount of excitement, change, passion and adventure depends on the writer.


Happiness. It has always been the goal from the moment the tolls rang out with the beginning of our journey, and when our story breathed in its first breath.


It is necessary to live our lives to the fullest, to learn about ourselves and about the world around us, to live our lives forever on the peak of happiness. We must shield ourselves from ignorance and show compassion when it is needed. Life is too short to be anything but happy.


Quit walking on eggshells.



It does not matter about how much time we have, it is about what we do with it. The answer is simple. If you want something, work for it. If you wish to change, change. Go. Live. Be happy.


Live between the tolls.


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