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Electing Kindness

Emails were deleted. Immature behavior somehow became acceptable in an election. Lies were told. Articles were published. Votes were casted.

Yes, this is probably one of THE important days in American history. We have our first elected president who never served one day in our military or held any kind of political position. Big day in America, people.

I am sure many Facebook home pages across the globe have been relentlessly bombarded by who-is-right and who-is-wrong articles for this election. Commenting trolls have taken it upon themselves to overwork their fingers and sling insults in every direction at all hours of the day. Some Americans become so overheated that arguments arise and leave both parties unsatisfied and trembling with anger. America has been taking these political arguments to heart so much so that some of us have given this election the power to potentially split up relationships in our lives.

All because of this election.

Democratic, republican, libertarian, conservative… we all believe different things due to the dramatic differences in how we were raised, how we live our lives daily and how we let the world around us affect our views. Americans have come from all walks of life, privileged or not, so of course we are bound to think differently from one another.

However, this does not mean that anyone who believes something different than you is right or wrong. Americans do not share one opinion in unison, that’s what makes us, us. We were not all cut from the same cloth. We believe different things. We have separate opinions and that’s okay.

If you voted for Trump, that’s great. If you voted for Hillary, that’s great. What matters is that you exercised your right and voted.

We may agree with some things that our future president is planning and we may disagree with some things our future president is planning. However, that doesn’t give us the right to exhibit rudeness and unkindness over a matter of a difference of opinion. If someone’s mind cannot be swayed, agree to disagree and walk away, or in modern cases, click out of the comments column. Come on people.

We may think separate things, but we should not forget one thing we all have in common.

We are Americans. We are one nation and this election has ripped through our country via cyber arguments. We mustn’t forget our unity, and even if our country does begin to experience turbulence, we must be there to continue to share compassion, help one another and spread kindness, no matter what our personal beliefs are.

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