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Top 10 Things to Do in Austin When You’re Broke AF

Austin… one of the best and by far, weirdest places you will ever visit in your lifetime. From thong-wearing bikers to Dirty Sixth, Austin isn’t just a visit; it’s an experience.

10. Take a Stroll at Lady Bird
…or Town Lake, whichever name rests easy on your tongue. The scenic running/biking/strolling path hugs the kayak-filled lake and no matter the day or the season, there are always hundreds of natives enjoying the outdoors, getting a workout in, or both! The path is a wonderful way to see some beauty ATX has to offer.

9. Literally Laugh All Night
Austin is known to be a growing community… especially in 2017. It’s the NYC of Texas so naturally, comedy clubs are popping up all around the bustling city. Similar to NYC, many are all hole-in-the-wall destinations, and none of them lack in comedy. Locals have a chance to exercise their skills while professionals take the stage every weekend. Tickets can be found for below five dollars or even… free!

8. That One Graffiti Wall
…better known to the Austinite community as Castle Hill. Rumor has it that a company wanted to build an office but ran out of cash. So naturally, every inch of the wall was covered in colorful spray paint soon after the project ended. It doesn’t cost a dime to enjoy an afternoon looking at the mountain of artwork. Every few months the entire landscape changes and new art is sprayed upon the hill.

7. Find Your Oasis at The Oasis
There is nothing more calming than a Texan sunset, however, when viewed from The Oasis, it can be one of the most beautiful sights Texas has to offer. Overlooking the ever-changing Lake Travis, The Oasis the best place to experience the sun dip below the horizon. Get yourself an $8 margarita, sit back and watch the pinks, oranges, blues and purples dance across the Austin sky.

6. Devour Unique Donuts
Voodoo is normally a word people steer clear of but when you round the corner onto dirty sixth, it’s the most beautiful word on the street (even more than $2 shots). Glazed on a powder pink sign, Voodoo stands valiantly in the middle of Sixth street, awaiting its millions of customers. Offering dozens of different, unique donuts, Voodoo makes everything from bubblegum flavored donuts to cookies & cream. After eating one, you’ll be under Voodoo’s spell forever.


5. Well, Well, Well
Don’t worry, no one from The Ring is going to pull you down this well. Jacob’s Well, found in Wimberley, TX, (one hour outside the city) is one of nature’s anomalies. The 250 ft. underwater cavern was formed naturally and is the coolest place to hang out, swim and dive in for a couple of hours. You have to make a reservation, but it’s only ten bucks and entirely worth the trip outside the city. Make sure you go in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its highest, so you can see farther down into the mysterious deep.

Jacobs Well 2015

4. Strike a Pose
…in the iconic words of Madonna: strike a pose. Art walls can be found all over the city and are perfect for a pic or two (& it’s free!). The “I love you so much” wall sits on the side of a coffee shop on South Congress (just know, unless it’s cold, there is always a line wrapping around the street to take a picture with it). Other wall gems in Austin include the “You’re my butter half” wall, located off MLK Blvd & Alamo and the Austin postcard wall off 1st & Annie St. The places are perfect for a timely photoshoot with your bestie. (Pics or it didn’t happen, right?)

Austin Postcard Wall


3. Learn the Texas Two-Step!
Austin is a hybrid; a breathing city but somehow still possesses its country charm. Anywhere in ATX whether it is Wild West, Coupland or even the good ol’ Broken Spoke, two-steppin’ is a trademark of the town. Everyone knows how to do it. Dust off your cowboy boots from the back of the closet & two-step like a true Texan! Every Wednesday is Ladies night (free, hello), and come on… who doesn’t wanna two-step with a cowboy?


2. Be a Barton Babe
At 68 degrees year-round, the spring-fed, turquoise lagoon is the best destination for a cool dip during Austin summer. Costing only a $2 fee to get in, Barton is the best place to spend the afternoon. You can float, dive, jump and explore the best pool Austin had to offer… but don’t forget: it’s a bit chilly.

Barton Springs

Probably the most essential part of a trip to ATX: the live music. Heck, it is the live music capital of the WORLD for Pete-sakes! On a Friday-Saturday night, just take a stroll about the city and you will hear authentic jams from any street in downtown Austin (and its free). Music is what the city lives on; it keeps us Austinites sane from the craziness of the ever-changing world, and it is the perfect haven for local talent to do what it does best: thrive.

Dierks Bentley Concert 2015


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