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The Ultimate Summer Vacay Packing List

10. A simple gold necklace Jennifer Aniston would approve of.

The great thing about a small, simplistic necklace is that there isn’t a lot that it doesn’t go with. A subtle piece like this could complete a whole outfit. A couple simple pieces could last you an entire vacay! Plus, minimal jewelry makes traveling easier when your suitcase isn’t packed to the brim with bracelets, necklaces and earrings.. oh my!

9. The Wide Brim hat every Instagrammer has

Every girl loves a good photo op, so don’t forget to pack your wide brim hat! This looks very cute with tousled hair poolside… just saying. On top of that, it keeps the sun off your face and neck! Safety first.

7. Maxi Dress

The best thing about a maxi dress is that it can be dressed up or dressed down so you can use it as much as you want! Walking around town during your touristy moments in a maxi dress cools you off more than shorts and a t shirt because the flow of the dress creates ventilation that we *all* need in hot, summer weather.

6. High-waisted shorts

Entirely necessary. A) they look good in every photo. B) you can slip it on over a bikini and *boom* outfit! C) they are flattering on everyone.

5. *flat* Sandals (walking, walking, walking)

As I said… walking, walking, walking. Uber may be a swipe away, but sometimes you want to walk around and enjoy all of the glorious beauties a city has to offer. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Plus, if you’re traveling in Europe, walking is the best and easiest way to burn off those extra (but sooooo delicious) calories!

4. The bikini(s) you have been working you’re a** off for.

One can never bring too many swimsuits on vacation. Never. Not sure which one to take with you? Bring them all! Bikinis are easily stash-able into a suitcase, so bringing a few more than planned is no trouble.

3. A cute cross-body satchel. (Hello Kate Spade!)

A cross-body bag is so necessary for travel because, since it rests on your shoulder, both of your hands are freed up to carry other things, like your nice camera. You never know when a potential pic could arise!

2. The Essentials.

Make up of course! When out and about on vacation, it is easy to succumb to the idea of caking on make up for a bomb af photo, when in reality, it could be easily sweat off with all the walking you have during your #wanderlust moments. Stick to the basics… a little contour, mascara, and a bold lip color for when your feelin’ fancy. It’s a small amount of makeup, but you will be bomb af anyway. Plus, that frees up more room in your suitcase for souvenirs!

2. The expensive camera you bought 5 years ago but never use.

It’s a pain in the a**. You lug the big, obtrusive thing everywhere. You hang it from your neck as you walk miles around a beautiful city in the beating sun. You have to charge it. I get it, DSLRs can be a grievance… but, they can take phenomenal photos. Worth it!

  1. Sunnies!

Why is this the #1 thing you should bring on your Vacay? Because you need them! A week without sunnies can severely damage your eyes, especially being next to reflective water or walking pavement. Plus they are super cute! Splurge and bring several pairs. You never know which one looks best for a photo op!

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