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The “i” in Humanity

If an animal was given the ability to speak and was asked to describe the human race, “ignorance” might be a popular description. As the first victims of Earth’s consequences from the plague that is the human race, are animals. Buildings, neighborhoods, massive centers… humans are destroying the homes of other species we share this world with, as well as bleeding dry the last of the worlds’ available fossil fuels. Our actions are causing our world to mold a more permanent expiration date.

Definition of ignorance: lack of knowledge, education or awareness.

“Humans,” as the animals would scoff.

Of all of the species, we were the ones who were lucky enough to behold such abilities like an advanced comprehension as well as the ability to expand intelligence. We are so fortunate to have these qualities that no other species on this Earth (that we know of) has, and yet we continue to use these abilities to indulge our own lives, while endangering not only ourselves, but the lives of millions of others as well.

Definition of inconvenience: the state of being inconvenient; not convenient especially in giving trouble or annoyance.

What is most ironic about this issue is that humans have every ability to delay Earth’s expiration. We could issue laws that ban the use of non-eco friendly items that pollute the atmosphere like oils, artificial/chemical fertilizers, toxic chemicals… I could go on for hours. Why? Because for hundreds of years, humans have smugly demonstrated how to navigate through the idea of “inconvenient” to become “convenient.” We drive cars instead of riding horses because it is faster. We use toxic fertilizers because it does the job more effectively. We have created almost everything through the miraculous wonder that is plastic because it is easier to make and process, even though it takes a lifetime to decompose.

Yes, creating a green limit or ban could wreak havoc on the global economy, but if we have phenomenal minds to create sky scraping buildings and heavy, metal planes that can hold hundreds of passengers as it flies through the air, then we surely have the brainpower to navigate through the transition to a greener economy. Plus, an economy in transition is nothing compared to an inhospitable home.

If we continue to live under a cloak of ignorance and dodging every inconvenience, there will be no opportunity left to continue human life on Earth. Hundreds of years of bleeding the world dry of it’s valuable and limited resources has taken its toll on our future, but it is not to late to change.

Humans are one of the brightest species that inhabits this world and if we simply focused our on creating a greener,  eco friendly life, than our future generations have the opportunity to live a life just as full as ours.

It is time to start asking ourselves… what can I do?

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