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What is the Ketosis diet? | Everything you need to know about Keto.

First impressions are always iffy. Sometimes, you never get a good first impression. This was the case for me and the keto diet. I was hell-bent on looking amazing that upcoming summer but I had NO idea about the many obstacles this diet entails; mental willpower and daily struggle. I knew the basics, but I didn’t know as much as I do now (for instance, curing the “keto flu”, but more on that later). Before the true 2018 keto craze came to be, I had first tested the diet in the spring of 2017 and had minor success, but only because I was very unfamiliar with the diet. I (unintentionally) starved myself, was thoroughly unprepared and wasn’t eating the best foods for optimal energy which is crucial during this diet.

For those of you who are reading and thinking… the keto what? The ketogenic diet, in a nutshell, is eating protein, fats and low to no carbohydrates and definitely no sugar.

First, let’s think of it as a “reset” button to your body.

This dramatic change in your diet causes your body to move into the state of “ketosis” which is when your body moves from burning the carbs you’re in taking for energy, to burning the fat on your body for energy. If anyone remembers in their high school nutrition class, fat, by definition, is stored energy. Carbohydrates, by definition are a measure of energy and one of the easiest sources of energy. So, when you begin the diet and your body is no longer in taking “easy” sources of energy, such as carbs and sugars, it switches over to burning fat.

This diet is SO popular now because many celebs do it (Kourtney Kardashian, Halle Berry, anyone in California, etc.) and because it is effective. It is also used as a cure for many autoimmune and diabetic issues.

Of all the diet’s I have tried, and many at that, this has been the fastest and most successful (when I am doing it correctly) by far. It really depends on the individual, but on average it takes three days to get into ketosis. On the afternoon of the third day is when I test positive for ketosis and then after that, its smooth sailing.

Lol JK. It is most definitely NOT smooth sailing. Once again, it depends on the individual, but for someone who ate convenient/processed foods all the time, the change was difficult, primarily because I had to start cooking my own food more and force myself to drink more water.

Luckily, humans are one of the most adaptable creatures on this earth, so adapting to this diet has not been so terrible for me after the first few days. The start, however, can be very challenging at times, especially when the people around you are not on the diet and order pizza and you can smell it from your bedroom.

My toughest day is always the fourth day. My body is feeling as if it is “running on fumes” and I am tired. ALL. DAY. This is the day your body is just getting used to burning fat instead of carbs and sugars for energy, so the switch is what kills your energy. If you are tired for more than this day, then chances are you are a victim of the very common “keto flu”.

For more in-depth on the “keto flu”, visit my other article, it’s way more in-depth:


Important: If you have a history of high cholesterol, this might not be the diet for you due to its high fat intake. However, it can be altered to fit your diet and medical needs.

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