Study Abroad

Day 4: Exploring Blackness Castle

Waking up this morning was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. My friend and I woke up at 11am. Having slept through the free breakfast, we journeyed to the local Starbucks and I quenched my hunger with an iced skinny vanilla latte. We stopped by the co-op, a grocery store, and picked up some water and essentials.

We met at 2pm and drove about an hour on a nauseating bus ride (because of the night before) to Blackness castle, where some scenes from Outlander was filmed. The middle of the castle was used as the set for Jamie Fraser’s whipping by Blackjack Randall, if you watch the show (which you should because it is really good). It was right on the water, and you could smell the salty breeze coming directly from the sea and spreading through the small fishing town. Sail boats stuck up on the beach due to the low tide, and the rolling green pastures hugged the area beautifully, and the single road that led through the town to Blackness Castle winded around the beach. I accidentally scratched my leg on thistle (an annoying plant that stings you with it’s bristles and then burns for hours later). We finished shooting and returned home to begin our wave of homework we had due that night and the next day.

We had a photo submission for our photography course due, which is just 5 photos a post proving you are participating and know how to work with Lightroom (which I am still getting used to). We have to copyright our photos in the software and add keywords and captions, and our professor grades us on our photos and proper export. Our next assignment was a two page, single spaced photo essay proposal on our chosen topic that pertains to our study abroad trip. I chose Harry Potter (no surprise there) and some other topics my fellow classmates chose were music, food, tourism and beer.

Our final assignment was for our Media Tourism class, which was a vlog post that runs 2 to 3 minutes long and includes information from our readings, proper editing, filming, answers and export as well as participation.

Exhausted and lacking sleep, after my assignments were submitted on questionable Wi-Fi, I climbed in bed and attempted to watch an episode of The Handmaids Tale, and fell asleep






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