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Day 11: Free Day & Long Exposure Night Shoot

Friday, June 15, 2018

Today I finally, for the first time on this trip, got to sleep in. But for someone who has been waking up early every day of the trip, sleeping in meant 10am for me, which is still not enough. I got up and walked to a laundromat with my friends about a half mile away from our hotel. We paid 4 pounds for the wash and 1 pound for every 7 minutes in the drier.

After, we were all grumpy and hangry, so we dropped our stuff and Madison, Sarah and I went to find some food. We stumbled upon a Thai and Indian underground restaurant, that smelled bad but was actually very tasty. They played the same 8 songs over and over and they were all covers of pop songs from about 10 years ago. I scarfed down my veggie pad Thai and jasmine rice and went back to the Pentahotel, where we were staying.

Camden and I were in desperate need of waterproof pants for our upcoming Ben Nevis hike, so we ventured to Blacks, an outdoor store a couple blocks away from our hotel and picked up a pair for each of us for about 25 pounds. After, I Picked up another hard drive from apple because my professor said it is always better to have more than one copy of your photos, and I had only been using one copy on my WD hard drive the whole time. A lot of people have been loading their raw files onto their computers but my 22 gbs left on my computer would fill up in 3 days with those files, so storage on there was completely unreliable. So, I decided to get a Backup drive for my Backup. Just you wait, the irony about this comes later (tomorrow A.K.A rip).

We stopped in a health foods store to pick up some cliff bars, and then sat down at a coffee shop with a very calm gray vibe. Camden got her lunch (at 4pm) while I got a gluten free Toffee meringue, that I think is my favorite dissert so far on this trip. After a while, our waitresses confessed they were eavesdropping on our conversation because they adored our American accents. This was when we found out that a lot of Scottish people love Americans, and I mean LOVE Americans. One of them excitedly told us she was about to leave t study abroad in North Carolina.

We walked back to the hotel and relaxed for a few hours before leaving at 9:45pm to go shoot some long exposure photos of Inverness at night. The plan was to try and visit Culloden, where the famous Battle of Culloden occurred in 1746 (I only wanted to go because I am a massive outlander fan) which ended the Jacobite’s and some of the clans. These plans fell through and I spent my time editing photos and videos until Premiere crashed and stressed me out for the rest of the night. This was probably the beginning of all of my later troubles with my hard drive. Keep reading for tomorrows post to find out why!

At 9:40pm we picked up our tripods, bundled up, and headed for the cathedral across the street. I didn’t really understand how long exposure works on something standing still (Because I think of it to be used for more waterfalls and car lights to get that smoothed over effect) but my photos ended coming out really well, and the light between the church ad it’s neighboring lights made the pics come out really well. My professor told us that this was “blue hour” which is right after the golden hour and is the best time to shoot long exposure photos.

After the cathedral, we shot at a bridge (those didn’t come out so well for me… still learning) where I found out my professor used to be a lead guitarist in a west Texas band. We then moved to shoot a stabilized bridged and then finished the shoot around midnight with some good old McDonalds ice cream. T’was a day well spent, except for my computer problems.


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