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Why I am OBSESSED with Rosewater

Picture this: you’re walking out of the gym. You have a slight pep in your step from your amazing workout. Your face is covered in dried sweat and oils and you slightly wish your face would feel as beautiful and rejuvenated as your post workout bod does.

If only there was a quick fix to make your face feel as rejuvenated as your body does.

Dum dum da daaaaaaaa…There is!!!

Rosewater. Or as I like to call it: magic mist.

If you are unfamiliar with this life changing mist, well, let me be the one to fill you in.

All the cool people are doing it. Interested yet? All those social media influencers and health gurus and beauty blending experts? Yes. They all have rose toners and rosewaters included in their beauty routine or spritzed over their faces at some point during their busy days. The skincare industry has caught wind of this growing interest in rose toner (or rose water, whatever you prefer) and can be caught selling these toners for a whopping 40 bucks a bottle (but you can def find them for cheaper, as I did).

No, you don’t have to be paying out the whazooo for this beauty hack.

You might be thinking, why? What is the big deal over something so… unimportant?

That’s just it. When you read about all of the health benefits and beauty hacks of rose toners and rosewaters, you’ll have one on you all the time, as I do.

Even though it may be sweeping the globe now, practices involving rose water began around the 10th century in Persia. According to The Global Healing Center, “In the Middle Ages, rose water was used to clean one’s hands before eating, and physicians prescribed it to prevent fainting, strengthen organs, and protect the heart”. Over time, rosewater was used to ease menstrual issues, inflammation and constipation. This was because rosewater is known for having anti-inflammatory properties as well as antibacterial properties.

Soooo why are so many beauty and health gurus so obsessed with it? Not only does it have the healing properties already discussed, but rose water also has a lot of antioxidant and hydrating properties. Since many beauty experts are obsessed with skincare, as it is one of the most important aspects of the beauty industry, these experts know the ins and outs of what is good for your skin and…thus explains the Rosewater craze.

More facts: Rosewater is known to hydrate the skin and clean clogged pores. The rose aroma can also help reduce anxiety and enhance your mood as well as help you sleep better.

The skin is the largest organ in your body, so whatever you put ON your body is ultimately transferred INSIDE your body. If you are putting harsh chemicals on your skin from antiaging creams and aggressively marketed lotions and etc, chances are these chemicals are now under your skin and affecting your hormones.. and more (but more on that in a blog to come).

SO: A healthy alternative to many skincare products is Rosewater.

As someone who has just gone all natural for most of my skin products, I adore Rosewater and rose toner because my mood is instantly enhanced when I mist myself with it, whether it be after a workout, when I get out of the shower, or even when I wake up.

Even though this magical mist, as I like to call it, is new to the news, it has been around for thousands of years… so that fact is all you really need to know about the undeniable credibility and effects of this magical mist.

Emily, which would suit me better, rosewater or rose toner?

It honestly depends on you and your day-to-day routine. Personally, I like to use rosewater when I wake up and when I get out of the shower, but when I leave the gym I like to use rose toner because I feel like the aroma is much stronger and perfect to disguise your post gym sesh stench.

*Also…. I am not paid for hyping up any of these products. This is just my personal ideas and accounts of my experiences with these products.*

Here’s is what I use:


Mario Badescu Rosewater $7


Rosewater $8
Kopari Coconut Rose Toner $24



Happy Misting!



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