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Poppin’ Pills (but not like that)

I’ve been in the world of health and fitness my WHOLE life. I was born into a home where if something wasn’t organic or all natural, it was probably going to be thrown out.

I started taking supplements when I was 7 or 8 years old. Young, right? Not to my mom. She was giving us multivitamins, iron, Vitamin D, and etc because she wanted the best for us and that was being healthy. At the time I would just roll my eyes and take them, but now after a few years of hiatus, I am routinely taking some supplements again and this time, by my own motivation. Here’s why:

For someone with a thyroid disease, gluten sensitivity and excessive estrogen pumping through my veins, I can become easily fatigued, bloated and can suffer from mood swings as well as intense, blood sugar swings. This can really affect my life.

I didn’t notice how much it truly affected me until I cleaned up my diet (yes I am human I still have discrepancies but not as much as I used to). I stopped drinking Coke Zero (R.I.P. ily and imysm). I cut out a lot of dairy. I started eating more food that comes straight from the earth. I started drinking 80 oz water daily. Lastly, I started to take supplements.

I started taking them to substitute the necessary vitamins I was lacking in my diet. Unfortunately, it is hard to consume ALL the foods that are beneficial to you. If we did, we would be extremely full at the end of the day and probably end up gaining weight… plus its almost impossible. Supplements have really boosted me and given me what I need when I am not consuming it naturally from my diet. Thanks to my mom, I started taking Vitamin D3 and B12 and those have boosted my mood like crazy. I feel more awake and more like myself! I also started drinking chlorophyll mixed with lemon juice in my 16-20oz of water in the mornings, which gives me some positive nutrients to start my day (lol plus I feel elite drinking something green in the morning). Also, I have been taking my Omega 3s which have taken away some of my brain fog and has helped me think more clearly. I also started taking supplements and/or herbs because there are SO MANY natural alternatives for curing a virus, nausea, a common cold and etc… instead of filling your body with heavily processed and marketed prescription medication.

Another reason:

Before prescriptions… before cremes… there were herbs and plants and natural products of earth that actually contain antibacterial or antiviral (and other) properties. YES. All natural baby, straight from the earth!

No, I am not taking hundreds of supplements a day and NO I am not taking every single one of the ones I will discuss below. But to the average joe, taking around 5 to 10 different supplements a day may seem excessive. Depending on what I need or how I feel that day, I will take the supplements that will aid in healing or curing myself or just fueling my body nutritiously.

Because I know many people are interested in getting on the health track, below I have provided a little information I gathered from some trusty websites like, and a book by Anthony William called “Thyroid Healing: The Truth behind Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr”.

The following are some of my personal notes I have gathered on these supplements so I can look at it and know what I am taking and why I am taking it. It is my personal Cheat Sheet, but I thought I would share because I know so many are interested in getting healthy inside and out. No, I don’t take all of these nor own all of them, I just have it incase I am feeling a certain way and want some essential nutrition or a natural cure!

Emily’s Cheat Sheet of Supplements & Herbs

  • 5-HTP- Helps with depression bc it increases serotonin level. Can increase feelings of fullness (also suppresses appetite). Controls blood sugar. Increasing melatonin production. Take 30 min before meal.
  • 5-MTHF (Vitamin B9)- “Extremely helpful for supporting reproductive health that’s been threatened by EBV. This supplement will be your ally in trying to come back from EBV caused issues such as infertility, PCOS, and endometriosis. It also helps strengthen the endocrine and central nervous systems, promote methylation, and reduce homocysteine levels.” Helps brain function.
  • Aloe Vera juice- Helps keep body pH balance bc of its alkalinity. Promotes hydration and liver function and digestion. Aids with constipation. Helps with clear skin. Heartburn relief.
  • Alpha Lipoic acid- aids in energy production. “Supplements may enhance the body’s ability to use its own insulin to lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes” (
  • Alma tablets- Promotes healthy hair/skin/nails, antioxidant, promotes internal cleansing. Anti-inflammatory properties. Promotes digestion and healthy metabolism and youthfulness. Can treat common cold, respiratory infection and diabetes. Some heart benefits. Stimulates spleen, liver, lungs, circulatory and urinary system. Treats arthritis, asthma and lowers blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Ashwagandha- Ancient medical herb. “While this herb does bolster the thyroid, the main reason to bring it into your life, is to minimize adrenal surges that can feed EBV. By stabilizing the adrenal glands, Ashwagandha helps prevent them from overproducing fear based hormone blends that give fuel to EBV.” Manages stress. Reduce cortisol, blood sugar levels, boost brain and fight anxiety and depression. Anti-cancer properties. Can boost testosterone and increase fertility in men. Reduce inflammation. Lower cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Astragalus root- stimulates immune system. Antioxidant.
  • Vitamin B12- protects body from EBV neurotoxin damage. Gives support and repair to central nervous system and helps strengthen neurotransmitters in the brain. Boots immune system, mentality, emotions and hormone fluctuations. Promotes red blood cell formation and anemia prevention. Can prevent major birth defects. Supports bone health Improve mood. Energy boost. Helps hair/skin/nails.
  • Bacopa monnieri- “This herb supports thyroid hormone production and T4 to T3 conversion.”
  • (Holy) Basil- Reduces anxiety. Protects against infection and can treat wounds. Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory. Can help with scarring and acne. Helps lower blood sugar. Lowers cholesterol. Ease inflammation and joint pain. Decrease stomach acid.
  • Barley grass juice extract powder- “amazing for aiding in the elimination of mercury and other toxic heavy metals from the body. Hold specific alkaloids that prevent the thyroid from atrophying while also blocking EBV from feeding off its favorite foods such as toxic heavy metals inside the thyroid.”
  • B-complex- “These are essential vitamins for the endocrine system, though their truly critical role is in supporting the central nervous system which is bombarded by EBV.” Helps with energy levels, good eyesight, good digestion, cardio health, hormones, brain function, growth of red blood cells.
  • Bladderwrack- “Another plant from the sea that provides trace minerals for the thyroid as well as iodine to act as an EBV antiseptic so that viral cells will die off, ultimately enhancing the thyroid’s function. Removes toxic heavy metals from intestinal track with help starve EBV.” Helps decrease heartburn. “Blood cleansing.”
  • Burdock root- Removes toxins from blood, is an aphrodisiac, can help treat skin issues, can inhibit some types of cancers.
  • Butterbur- natural allergy relief. Reduces inflammation.
  • California Poppy- Relieves anxiety, stress, panic attacks, insomnia, hypertension. Can treat OCD, Alzheimer’s, ADD and ADHD.
  • Cats claw tincture- “With phytochemicals specifically geared to destroy all viruses and bacteria that cause inflammation (especially EBV and strep), this herb has a wonderful inflammatory effect. As it reduces EBV cells, it helps reduce enlarged spleens, livers and thyroids, also knocking down EBV caused nodules, tumors, and cysts.”
  • Chaga mushroom- “Kills off EBV, driving it out of the liver and thyroid. At the same time, stimulates the liver, elevating it out of stagnation and sluggishness while awakening the thyroid, allowing it to improve function. Helps strengthen adrenals. Also, helps breakdown and dissolve EBV’s biofilm byproduct that’s behind so many mysteries of heart palpitations.”
  • Chromium- “Supportive for the adrenals, thyroid and the rest of the endocrine system, this supplement also aids pancreas and liver function to help stabilize your system as it fights EBV.”
  • Cilantro tincture- rids the body of heavy metals. Lowers blood sugar levels. Protects against cardio vascular disease, prevents UTIs. It is a digestive aid, antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory.
  • Cranberry UTI support- makes urine more acidic so it is less friendly to bacteria.
  • Curcumin- “By strengthening the body’s central and peripheral nervous systems, this component of turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces nerve swelling caused by EBV neurotoxins.”
  • Vitamin D3- “Supplementing with this vitamin will help stabilize the immune system and prevent it from overreacting invaders such as EBV. Don’t take too much.”
  • Detoxadine Iodine- thyroid health.
  • EPA/DHA (omega 3s)- “These Omega 3 fatty acids fortify the endocrine system and help strengthen the central nervous system so it’s less susceptible to damage from the excessive amounts of adrenaline that can result from a thyroid condition, an overabundance of stress in your life or both.”
  • Elderberry- “An excellent supplement to strengthen the immune system.”
  • Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng”)- “Supports adrenal glands and reduces the adrenal surges that feed EBV and burn out neurotransmitters. Prevent neurotransmitter damage to help avoid brain fog.”
  • Evening Primrose Oil- clear acne, promote skin health, relieve PMS symptoms, minimize breast pain, reduce hot flashes, reduce blood pressure, improve heart health, and reduce nerve pain.
  • Garlic- contains medicinal properties, combat sickness, prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia, can help you live longer, improve athletic ability, detoxify heavy metals in your body, and improve bone health.
  • Ginger- medicinal properties. Can treat nausea, anti-inflammatory and reduce muscle pain/soreness, lower blood sugars, help treat indigestion, reduce menstrual pain, lower cholesterol, prevent brain cancer, improve brain and can fight infections.
  • Grape seed extract- promotes blood flow, reduces stress, can protect against cancer, is antibacterial, increases antioxidant activity, protects male reproductive health, protects skin, reduce estrogen and increase testosterone, reduces swelling, help diabetic symptoms, reduce food intake, builds bone density, helps with oral health.
  • Spirulina- high in nutrients, powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, lower triglyceride levels, anticancer properties, reduce blood pressure, effective against anemia, improve muscle strength and endurance. Help blood sugar control.
  • Hawthorn berry tincture- boosts immune system, reduce anxiety, promotes healthy digestion and increases energy.
  • Iron- helps transport oxygen to the rest of your body.
  • Kava Kava- decrease anxiety and aid sleep.
  • Kelp- has a ton of essential vitamins and minerals and enzymes.
  • Lemon balm- “Powerhouse against EBV and cofactor strep. It kills off and repels viral and bacterial cells in the thyroid, liver an and spleen with its alkaloids and other key phytochemicals, which also helps strengthen lymphocytes so the immune system can fight off the virus. Dampens nodule growth.”
  • L-Glutamine– amino acid. Important for immune system. Muscle gain and performance.
  • Licorice root- “One of the most powerful herbs for restoring the adrenal glands and offering kidney support, it also reduces EBV’s cofactor strep, which in turn lowers inflammation in the intestinal tract.”
  • Lions mane- can protect against dementia. Relive anxiety. Speed recovery from nervous system injury. Can help fight cancer. Can help reduce diabetic symptoms. Reduces inflammation and boosts immune system.
  • Liposomal C- boosts immune system.
  • L-Lysine- “By inhibiting and reducing an EBV viral load, this amino acid acts as an anti-inflammatory to the entire nervous system, especially the central nervous system and the vagus and phrenic nerves which get targeted by EBV’s neurotoxins.
  • Lobelia- treats asthma.
  • Lomatium root- Powerful antiviral.
  • L-tryosine- “This amino acid helps feed healthy thyroid tissue even when the thyroid is under attack from EBV, so that the gland can continue with the thyroids production.
  • Maganese- “A critical supplement for the thyroid hormone T3 and support of the endocrine system’s pituitary gland.”
  • Magnesium- “The homeostasis mineral is all about keeping thyroid hormone production in balance so that the thyroid neither under nor overproduces hormones. It can also be helpful in reducing neurological symptoms.”
  • Melatonin- promotes sound sleep.
  • Milk Thistle seed
  • Monolaurin- “This antiviral breaks down an EBV viral load and reduces its cofactor such as strep.”
  • Mullein Garlic ear drops- used to treat ear infections. Antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral.
  • Mullein leaf- ^^
  • Natural CALM- contains magnesium that aids with muscle soreness and can promote sleep. Contains necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Nettle leaf- “With vital micronutrients for the blood and central nervous system, particularly the brain, this top adoptogenic herb is also an anti-inflammatory for those organs infected with EBV. It’s incredible for bringing you back to homeostasis.”
  • Oil of cilantro- reduces heavy metals, prevents UTIs, settles upset stomach, lowers blood sugar levels, improves sleep.
  • Oil of oregano- can treat fungal infections, inflammation and pain. Contains many antioxidants found in fruits and veggies.
  • Olive leaf- anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Can decrease chronic diseases.
  • Passionflower- used to treat insomnia and depression.
  • Pharmagaba- calming brain chemical.
  • Probiotic- promotes gut health.
  • Red clover- “This readily available herb is a miracle for cleansing and purifying the liver, lymphatic system and spleen of EBV’s neurotoxin.”
  • Red marine algae- “This powerful antiviral helps remove heavy metals such as mercury from your system and reduces an EBV viral load.”
  • Red root- stimulates circulation in the body and has anti-inflammatory properties. Soothes intestinal function.
  • Reishi powder- boosts immune system against viral infections like the flu and certain lung conditions.
  • Rubidium- “Supplementing with rubidium helps stabilize thyroid hormone production and support the adrenal glands.”
  • Star anise- “This antiviral spice helps destroy EBV in the liver.”
  • Selenium- “Rather than killing off EBV, this supplement helps by strengthening thyroid tissue to protect it from scarring by the virus. It also boots immune system, strengthens central nervous system, and from its support of the thyroid gland, helps stimulate production of the thyroid hormones’ T4 and T3.”
  • Silica- helps body form collagen and prevents wrinkles. Also allows body to absorb calcium.
  • Silver hydrosol- “Another potent antiviral, silver helps lower an EBV load, especially during the virus’ chronic mono phase, when EBV is active in the bloodstream.”
  • Skullcap- helps treat painful menstrual cycles, withdrawals, insomnia and anxiety.
  • Spirulina (preferably Hawaii)- “This form of algae is an ally in rebuilding the central nervous system and removing heavy metals such as mercury and toxic copper. This causes EBV to weaken bc it is taking away its fuel. Helps resurrect thyroid by feeding it micronutrients and iodine, which is very effective at being an antiseptic against EBV cells. Reduces growth of nodules, cysts, tumors.”
  • Turmeric- powerful anti-inflammatory and strong antioxidant.
  • Valerian root- helps treat sickness. Reduces anxiety and insomnia.
  • Vitamin A- powerful antioxidant and fights inflammation.
  • Vitamin C- “strengthens immune system, destroys EBV in the liver, flushes toxins, balances platelet production, helps restore central nervous system from neurotoxin damage. Also helps reduce thyroid nodules, tumors and cysts, and supports/ restores adrenals.”
  • Vitamin D- helps body absorb calcium and promote bone growth.
  • Vitamin E- promotes strong immunity and healthy skin and eyes.
  • White willow- anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Contains salicylic acid that can treat acne.
  • Wild cherry bark- can be used to treat common coughs and colds along with sore throat, fever, bronchitis, etc.
  • Yarrow- herb used to treat fever, common cold, gastrointestinal problems, relieve tooth ache and induce sweating.
  • Zinc (liquid zinc sulfate)- boosts immune system by strengthening white blood cells. Antiseptic for EBV, reduces inflammation of the body, cysts, nodules and tumors. Strengthens thyroid and stabilizes adrenals. This type will not deplete copper levels.

 Everything in quotes is from Anthony William’s book I read about the thyroid and the rest is information compiled from websites like, and of course.. Pinterest. 

I hope you enjoyed my cheat sheet! Feel free to print out this page for a quick reference.

Remember: feeling good on the inside truly affects how you feel on the outside.

Happy Healing!


P.S. Shoutout to my wonderful friend Kristina who just introduced me to feta and olive oil on a salad! Back on the salad train I go!


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