I hate the gym but I miss the gym.. Who am I?!

Hi there, remember me? Me neither. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I know. I apologize. Needless to say, college has gotten the better of me once again and swarmed my life with responsibilities, events and of course… homework.

All in all, junior year of college is off to a great start. I enjoy my classes. I’ve made new friends. I’ve gotten involved. All is well.

But I want more.

How does someone do it all??? I see bloggers every day, posting stories every minute with updates and information and I cannot help but yearn to be like them. I want to side hustle like no one’s business… post those long, informative Insta stories and have a killer feed. Goals, goals, goals!

But, how do I do it all?? I have NO clue. But, I am optimistically hoping to find out.

The biggest thing I have noticed that has gone missing from my life is my workout routine. After thrusting myself into my college, being active in my sorority, maintaining relationships, attending events and getting all around involved, I have realized that it is hard to even find time for myself and this could turn into a big issue if I keep giving up my time for other things.

As someone who grew up where sports were a requirement, working out is something that I have never really been fond of and even looked upon it as a dreadful chore. Nonetheless, I still did it: several times a week if not everyday. But, since I am back at school and busy busy busy… I haven’t had time to do it and.. honestly… I kind of miss it. Who knows? Maybe its a mild form of Stockholm syndrome.

LOL I’m just kidding. But on the real, I do miss it. For example, this week I have been going all day from sun up to sun down and on Tuesday, I woke up EARLY and BEFORE CLASS to workout. Who am I????

I’m that girl who is trying to do it all. *emphasis on trying*

Honestly, I think I am going to continue attempting to workout in the morning. 1) because I feel like a granola/green-leaf badass and 2) because it is a small thing I can do for myself thats positive and just for me. Who knows? Maybe my opinion of working out may even mold into something I look forward too…hopefully. I am still me.

After being back in my college town for a month, I am settled in with my due dates and events already penciled into my three calendars.

Knowing me and my jam-packed schedule, I am probably going to have to start penciling in my workouts and as anal as that sounds… you gotta do what you gotta do.

All in all: I’m going to take time for myself. Some well needed me-time.



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