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Master List of My Articles in Austin Fit Magazine

Woohoo! Over the summer, I worked for a local Austin magazine that emphasizes health, fitness, wellness and lifestyle. I was lucky enough to even have my articles published, and here they are! I will keep this post as something I will keep adding to as my stories are published in the magazine.

July Issue 2019

-Top 5 Cliff Jumping Spots (online article)


August Issue 2019

-Ethically Made

-Hard Seltzer Round Up

-What is Estrogen Dominance?

Keeping Austin Flexible

-Your Netflix Workout (online article)


September Issue 2019

-Building Confidence with Body Building

-A Master of the Outdoors

-Our Sneaky, Sugary Addiction


-ACL Prep: Playlist Edition (online article)


October Issue 2019

-Electronic Cigarettes are… Especially Dangerous

-Training On Tour

-How To Survive All Three Days of ACL (online article)


November Issue 2019 

-The Additions in Wine You Don’t Want

-The Basics of Bruxism

-Grocery Delivered at Your Fingertips


December Issue 2019

-To Come

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