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How To Get Rid of Hormonal Acne

It. Freaking. Sucks. 

It’s like having a car problem or like having your laptop stop working… it really sucks.

But let me tell you something that might perk you up a bit: you don’t have to just deal with it — you can clear hormonal acne. Here’s how I did:

Toward the end of my junior year of college (May 2018) I was in a stress bubble. I was thinking about previous relationships, trying to get through spring semester finals and final projects, and stressing hard about my upcoming internship… as well as the fact that I was about to be only a year away from FULL adulting. 

Just before my trek back to Austin from Lubbock, my acne was BAAAAAD. And I had never ever had bad acne. I mean, yes, I fell victim to the occasional blemish or pimple — but it was never of a magnitude that occupied my mind. I got on birth control at 15 (I had intense period cramps, like get-me-a-heating-pad-and-four-ibuprofen bad) so my acne went down to one little blemish every few weeks — if that. 

In that spring 2018 semester, I started breaking out BAD. I had almost 10 blemishes on each side of my face near my chin, kind of where one would contour during a makeup routine. I cleaned my makeup brushes vigorously. I threw out my inexpensive, not-clean primers that could mess with your skin. I tried everything

One day, I was talking — venting — to my good friend Grace about my acne. She replied with, “Well, sometimes your hormones just change.”

Uhm, what? Why was this brand new information to me? I always knew your body changes when you get older — but I never thought it would change my acne, especially if it was supposed to be slightly under control by a daily pill.

One of the brilliant phenomenons of the human body is its capability to show on the outside how you feel on the inside. Eating junk? You gain weight. Are you stressed? Worry lines and (ugh)… acne. 

With red, cyst-like bumps on my face, I went to seek advice from skincare professionals — but of the few I spoke with, they all contradicted each other, which made things harder.

Finally, I decided to find what was best for me through good, old-fashioned trial-and-error. I set myself on a strict skincare routine and made it my mission to get rid of this hormone-caused acne. 

*The following is what worked for me — not necessarily what could work for you. Try a few of these products out and see what happens.*

Shoutout to my roomie, Claire, for putting me on this gem.

I began my regimen with Rosewater every day. In the morning, I will do that prior to my Vitamin C serum, followed by a moisturizer (and SPF makeup. SPF is a MUST). At night, if I have a blemish, I would put a tiny amount of benzoyl peroxide on it and then rotate that with retinol every other night until it’s gone.

Any vitamin C serum will do wonders – but don’t forget SPF.

Next, I drink So. Much. H2o. At least 100oz of water a day. It helps recycle toxins out of your body and has so many healing qualities to it that I could write a whole blog on it. (stay tuned)

Finally, you just have to watch what you’re putting into your body. Sugars, fake sugars and an overload of carbs can really mess with your body’s healing process. When you eat food with too much sugar, it spikes your blood sugar levels and paralyzes your white blood cells. So, your immune system is down, causing the healing process to take a heck of a lot longer than normal. It’s a vicious cycle — but you aren’t the only one battling it. 

Only wear at night! BP (or retinol, too) + Sunlight = Scarring

Basically — make sure your skincare process is right for you, drink so much water you feel rejuvenated and eat healthy, healthy, healthy. With these steps, after a few weeks you will notice your skin start to clear up — mine did. 

Two birds. One stone. I use this as my moisturizer (on occasion!) because it is heavier, but it gets the job done.

If it does not: consider getting your sex hormones tested. There could be an imbalance somewhere that is causing hormonal acne, but with that information, you can learn exactly how to balance those hormones back into place and say goodbye to hormonal acne — forever. 

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