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My Last Semester of College

My last semester ever (ever is loosely put. grad school in the future? maybe.. we’ll see) is beginning Wednesday, Jan. 15th- which is next week. I’m excited to be a “graduating senior” and bask in being the old, knowledgeable, sensai-like senior student for the last time. I have loved my time in college. Going through the motions, you never feel it, but looking back I have grown so much since I began my time at Texas Tech as a little, fresh-out-of-HS 18-year-old.

Welp. Now, as I am writing this and diving deeper into my writer’s sentiments it’s only getting more and more real. That nervous/panic bubbling is beginning- I can feel it. Deep down, I know I’ll be okay because life has a funny way of making things fall into place in one way or another. But, until I get the job…. and find the apartment…. and finalize all of the details of my upcoming Europe 2020 trip (eeek! more on that later)…. and make the big move….. I will have a never-easing panic  bubbling within me. It’s like how The Hulk is “always angry”. Well.. this graduating senior is always stressed.

Okay, here is the full scoop for those that find this link and would like to know the ins-and-outs of my life (hi, thanks for coming!). It is my last semester of college as to where I have signed up for 17 hours (lmao emily WHY..), have to find a job, I am planning on moving to New York City (whoop whoop if I can pull this off then dreams do come true) so I have to find an apartment, graduate from college and then I am also going on a month-long backpacking trip with my friend from HS, Trevor, all around Europe. Then I am wanting to come home, have a quick packing turnaround, and move to NYC.

Will it work out? LOL. Stay tuned. (i hope it does!)

It it does work out… 2020 may just be the best year of my whole life!

Okay – lets talk NYC. So, it has always been a long and distant and faraway dream of mine to live in the hustle and bustle of NYC. I went back and forth about the idea about living in places like LA (but…. the traffic) and Chicago and Austin and NYC and I just decided to choose the destination that I put in my mind in front of all the others. Like many, I grew up watching Friends and Sex and the City and dreamed of living there. The idea of NYC is so intoxicating: constant and limitless possibilities, you never know who you’re going to meet, the city lights, everyday adventures, constant exploration, the landscape. Everything about it draws me in like a kid to a candy store.

My mom (surprisingly) is on board with the Big Move – which I was not expecting. When I told her I was serious about it she told me to follow my dreams – and that she was one Southwest flight away. (love u mom)

I really hope it works out. I hope I can score a job (I’m only applying to those in NYC so, readers, cross your fingers!). If that does happen, the plan is to find a place and then move once I’m back from Europe at the end of June 2020. That’s another thing- I decided to start from ground zero with the move. Since it would cost more to move my bed, a little chair and other household things up there, I am going to buy all that adult stuff once I get up there. Basically, my winter break was spent  Marie Kondo-ing the fuck out of my room. Most of my clothes? Sold. Room? Cleaned out (mostly). Trophies? Meet Trash. Emily Effren? A minimalist. (okay lol that one may be a stretch). Side note- I’ve never purged my things to this extent and I HIGHLY recommend it. Such a good feeling. 

Graduation – May 16, 2020

Take a shot every time I say “I’m so excited!” Lol. I know- I do say it a lot. But this is something I am also heavily looking forward to just because it’s another one of those big life moments, ya know? My mom and brother didn’t walk their college stage, but I really want to. At my high school graduation, when we flipped our tassels from side to side, symbolizing that we had graduated was a massive moment that’s engrained into my memory – so I’m excited to experience the college version.

Next topic – Europe 2020.

Another dream! Coming! True! And this one is set in stone. My friend and I have already purchased our tickets departing from ATX and arriving in Paris come May 27th. We are set to come back June 24 from Barcelona. So. Excited. I’ve been to the UK a couple times now, so yes, I have bathed in the “wanderlust” and “20-something explorer” Kool-Aid. Our plan is set to begin in Paris and then move to Amsterdam (maybe), and see Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Budapest, Athens, Rome, Madrid and Barcelona… in ONE month. All that will accompany me is a pink backpack, a good friend and a good pair of walking shoes. Also, remember how I said I was taking 17 hours? I’m taking a 5 hour french course this semester as a personal refresher so I will be able to speak un petit du francais when I’m abroad. I took 4 years in high school but learning a foreign language is like riding a bike… and I am ruuuusty.

This one has always been a dream of mine too and I thought that there would be no other time where I would get four weeks off to just travel Europe on a whim. I am seizing the day! Yay!


OK so- I have to wake up early tomorrow so I am signing off of this post. However, to all 3 of my reliable readers (hi mom), I’ll make another post soon.


XoXo – Em



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