5 Staple Sunglasses You Need From Amazon Right Now

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We all play favorites when it comes to our closets and there’s usually at least one special type of accessory that some will accumulate more than others. Maybe it’s collecting belts, bags, shoes, socks or watches. For me? It’s sunnies (and shoes, too — but that’s for a later blog).

I adore sunglasses — they can dress up an outfit in one fail swoop, or simply be a subtle, small addition. In any case, sunglasses are one of the best and most underrated items to accessorize with.

Here are a few Amazon sunnies to get your collection started:

90’s inspired shades

Photo from Amazon.

The fact that this purchase gives you two for the price of one is already awesome, but let me tell you about these. One pair comes in black (yay! Can go with everything) and the other pair comes in leopard. With a 90’s vibe on it’s way back into style, if one doesn’t work with a ‘fit, the other one will. 

Pearls-For-Days Sunnies

Photo from Amazon.

Okay. This and the next pair are currently unavailable, but they could always come back in stock. Here is the exact link I used to purchase them, and it goes to the same seller, there just may not be any in stock at the moment.

Retro Sunnies

Photo from Amazon.

Getting some series 60s go-go boots vibes, but you can really wear them with any outfit. My tip? Throw on a red lip and denim. You’re good to go! 

Sassy Sunnies

Photo from Amazon.

Not getting a full cat-eye, but kind of. Not only go you get two for the price of one, but both the black and white option could work on any outfit. These are versatile and always in style. 


Celine DUPE

Photo from Amazon.

Saved the best for last! These are my tried-and-true, keep-in-the-car/wear-all-the-time sunnies. AND these are a Celine dupe! Celine sunnies are normally $400+ and these are only around $14.99. From this link, you can choose from 12+ color options and it will get to your door in two days if you have a Prime subscription. 


Bought and tried one of these? DM me on Instagram (@theexploringemily) and tell me how you styled them!

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