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Austin Fitness Goes Virtual

Austin fitness businesses aren’t shut down — they’ve just simply moved online.

As social distancing due to the increasing spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused many Austin fitness businesses to close their doors temporarily, some of your favorite gyms and studios are continuing business as usual — sort of. Utilizing social media platforms and virtual video conferencing platforms, these local businesses have allowed for classes, fitness and wellness to continue and are helping to keep the Austin Fit community engaged, active and motivated.

Let’s show just how tight the Austin Fitness community and support these gyms by participating in a workout with them!

1. TruFusion South Austin

If you like: Yoga, Bootcamp, Cycle, Barre, Pilates, Boxing

After announcing that they will temporarily close beginning on March 16, TruFusion is one of the many Austin fitness businesses that has moved to an online platform. According to their IG press release, TruFusion South Austin will be posting their daily schedule which includes a daily challenge, an Instagram Live class, a “Shake it off” ten minute movement series as well as some words of encouragement from the TruTribe team. If you’d like to learn more or join their online community, TruTribe, TruFusion South Austin made a facebook page for members of the fitness community to join, connect and engage since in-person classes have been canceled for the time being.


Facebook: TruFusion’s TruTribe Group

Instagram: @trufusion_southaustin

2. Birthfit

If you like: Pregnancy health, Group Fitness 

With the goal of helping the special transition into parenthood, Birthfit is a local, female-owned business that holds both in-person and distance learning classes that focus on fitness, nutrition mindset and connection. Birthfit has also been utilizing social media platforms to adapt and continue engaging with the community during the current climate. In addition to posting their daily Mindset and Movement class (for free) on Facebook/IG Live and holding classes virtually through Kajabi and Train Heroic, Birthfit is also posting information on Instagram about how to do certain movements and why. Did we mention they have a podcast?


Facebook: Birthfit Group

Instagram: @birthfit

3. F45 Training

If you like: Bootcamp, HIIT, Cardio, Fitness Classes, 45-minute workout

If you’re following the F45 Austin locations on Instagram, then you’re in a treat because a lot of them are utilizing Instagram’s Live platform to offer free, virtual workouts. In addition to their virtual workouts and informational posts on IG about how to stay healthy while at home, F45 has added at-home bodyweight workouts to their F45 Challenge app, giving Austinites no excuse to stay on the couch while social distancing.


Facebook: F45 Group

Instagram: @f45_training_westlake @f45_training_fourpoints @f45_trainingjollyville @f45_training_southshoreaustin @f45_training_domainaustin @f45_training_westoakhill

4. E + E Fitness

If you like: Cardio, Kickboxing, Bootcamp, Personal Training, Tabata

Also shutting their doors last week, E+E Fitness is continuing to inspire and motivate health and fitness as usual. Utilizing Instagram as well as the online conferencing platform, Zoom, E+E Fitness is still holding live classes (including their famed “Peach Camp” class) — only now, it’s virtual. In addition, E+E Fitness also has a library of pre-recorded home-friendly online workout classes — perfect for social distancing! To find their full and regularly updated schedule of classes, instructors and information, click here.


Facebook: E+E Group

Instagram: @eefitnessaustin

5. NFinite Pursuit

If you like: Personal Training, Fitness Classes, Corporate Wellness

As they typically provide fitness classes to residential communities, businesses and other organizations, the Austin-based corporate wellness company has moved to virtual platforms and have taken advantage of social media to adapt to the current, non-social environment since the COVID-19 outbreak. The fitness company has also been posting useful IGTV videos of weightlifting routines and fitness tips and tricks.


Facebook: Nfinite Pursuit Group

Instagram: @nfinite_pursuit

6. Wanderlust Yoga

If you like: Yoga, Flexibility, Group Classes

When people started social distancing in Austin, Wanderlust adhered to the new guidelines by only allowing a small number of members per class and enforcing more space between mats. However, with the quickly changing environment, the yoga studio has moved to an entirely virtual platform and continues to hold class live using Zoom. Power Yoga, Yin + Restore and Vinyasa are some of the available, online live streams that members can sign up for (here) and they are even posting free videos to their YouTube channel for anyone in the community. We all need a little zen time, now more than ever.


Facebook: Wanderlust Yoga Group

Instagram: @wanderlustyogaatx

7. Life Time Fitness

If you like: Cardio, Strength Training, Yoga 

When Life Time gyms were forced to shut down, it launched its On-Demand classes with a goal of ensuring members could participate in their favorite classes and do their favorite workouts from their homes. In less than one week, the company is seeing nearly 50,000 streams per day, the same number of visits it recorded participating in its classes live in-club. The release of Life Time Classes On-Demand is available to both members, who are not being charged during the temporary closure, and non-members, who have access to complimentary virtual content. Click here to find its on-demand, at-home workouts. Workouts will also be posted on the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages as well.


Facebook: Life Time Fitness Page


8. Crux Climbing Center

If you like: Climbing, Yoga, HIIT and Circuit Training

For all you climbers out there, you can still stay in climbing shape. Crux Climbing Center is now offering online classes including: training for climbing, yoga, HIIT and circuit training to keep Austinites mentally and physically healthy while still sheltering in place. To view the full class schedule and watch live, click here. The classes are free and open to the public — however, tips for trainers are encouraged and can be done directly to the trainers Venmo accounts. (Venmo handles are listed at the link alongside the class info)


Facebook: Crux Climbing Page

Instagram: @cruxcc

9. Studio Kailash

If you like: Yoga, Mind/Body, Flow

Currently, this north Austin yoga studio is offering live stream and online classes! Currently, they have Hatha and Gentle, Kundalini, Mind Body Fit and Flow classes on their schedule. The studio is offering daily yoga classes streamed Monday through Friday through Zoom. There are some free options as well as paid options, and they also accept donations.


Facebook: Mind Body Yoga

10. Sharp Pilates Austin

If you like: Pilates, Flexibility

Offering free, 30-minute virtual, group mat classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon, the pilates studio also offers semi-private and private classes at reduced rate that run about 45 minutes. To find out more about the local studio, visit their socials through the links below!


Facebook: Sharp Pilates Page

Instagram: @sharp_pilates

11. GoddessFit

If you like: Trainers, Nutrition coaching

Still offering virtual personal training sessions through Skype, Zoom and/or Microsoft Teams, GoddessFit is a gym with private trainers and nutrition coaches specializing in women’s fitness and nutrition. To get in touch and/or find out more of their new deals, visit their website for more!


Facebook: GoddessFit Group Page

Instagram: @goddessfit_atx

12. East Austin Athletic Club

If you like: Group Classes, Strength Training, High Intensity Conditioning, Yoga, Flexibility

This athletic club is offering virtual Zoom classes for a $15 drop in! Currently, they are offering three classes. The first is their Strengthen & Shred class which has been tailored for an at-home setting. The second is their Gentle Flow Yoga to help keep people grounded and centered. Their third class is Power Flow Yoga which is built to reconnect one’s breath with their strength through movement.


Facebook: East Austin Athletic Club Page

Instagram: @eastaustinathleticclub

13. Castle Hill Fitness

If you like: Toning, Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Strength Training

Castle Hill Fitness has put together free workouts on their Instagram and YouTube channel, and a Live Stream virtual class schedule complete with 50+ classes to get your #socialdistancefitness on. See the complete schedule here. Use promocode FITFOR10 to save 10 percent off your first, class pass package. Written workouts and virtual training are also available.


Instagram: @chfitness

14. Regymen Fitness Austin

If you like: HIIT Workouts, Cardio, Boxing

In addition to posting descriptive home workouts on their IG page, Regymen Fitness is also hosting live, virtual workout classes on Zoom. Recently voted the best new gym in Austin, Regymen is a gym that not only focuses on fitness, but the science behind it as well. Check out their IG page to find out how to join their virtual classes.


Instagram: @regymenfitnessaustin

15. iLoveKickboxing – Austin, Texas

If you like: Kickboxing, Cardio Conditioning, Full-Body HIIT Workouts

I Love Kickboxing offers full-body HIIT workouts and cardio conditioning kickboxing classes. They now offer daily live online workouts — a 30-minute super-intense workout and a 60-minute workout for more conditioning and technique. Instructors are interactive with members during live classes and do weekly accountability check-ins. An At-Home Challenge is now underway to give members more guidance with nutrition and fitness. The focus of the Challenge is to get out of the Stay-at-Home doldrums, and having a meal plan and providing “sweaty selfies” ensures that their Members stay consistent in these inconsistent times.


Instagram: @ilovekickboxing_austintx

Facebook: iLoveKickboxing Austin Page

16. HEAT Bootcamp

If you like: Group classes, Bootcamp style, Cardio, Strength Training

The Austin community and the rest of the world are faced with unprecedented hardships and social restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As people are taking much needed precautions by staying home, HEAT understands the need, more than ever, for people to have exercise options in order to keep immune systems healthy and anxiety controlled. As a result, since March 17, HEAT Bootcamp has been offering FREE LIVE bootcamps to EVERYONE: Austin and beyond! These classes take place at 12 p.m. cst, Monday-Friday, as well as Saturday at 10 a.m. We believe everyone needs a fitness community, even if from a distance. There is also a link at the bottom of the page if users would like to make a donation.


Instagram: @heatbootcamp


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