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How To Survive All Three Days of ACL

Austin City Limits is by far one of the greatest events the live music capital of the world has to offer. Big-name artists mixed with art, pop-up shops and local eateries make for an exciting weekend with nonstop action. With artist performances from noon to 10 p.m., ACL can be an awesome and fun but semi-draining experience. Standing, walking around and dancing all day in the Texas sun is tiring on the body, but fear not Austin. Here are some Austin Fit-approved ways to keep your energy up throughout the weekend and get the most out of your Austin City Limits Festival experience.

Stick to water

As tempting as it may be to get a buzz on before you go see your favorite artist, we advise against. As alcohol is naturally dehydrating it won’t take long before your parched after that one beer or one cider. It is so important to stay hydrated during ACL! Since there are several hydration stations around the park, it’s a good idea to bring an empty bottle to Zilker so you can fill it up and always have some water on you at all times (like when you’re waiting for a show)!

Go for the comfy shoes

We all want that classic ACL Instagram photo in front of the flags decked out head to toe in a fun outfit. However, wearing uncomfortable shoes can really inhibit your ACL experience from living up to its full potential! Opt for comfy tennis shoes or sandals that you can walk (a lot) in  because once the headliner comes on at 8 p.m., those boots aren’t going to be feeling as good as when you walked in!

Replenish your electrolytes

As ACL is a prime time for getting your steps in, think of ACL as a marathon—- not a sprint! It’s important to not only eat healthy, but make sure you are replenishing your electrolytes. Before heading to Zilker, mix in some electrolyte powder to your water to accompany your healthy breakfast to ensure your energy level will remain high throughout the day.


Nothing ruins an experience like getting burned to the point of being lobster red on day one and then being in pain for the following days. Spray on some sunscreen before you go to Zilker and bring some in with you, if possible. With there not being too much shade in the park other than some tents and trees, most of Zilker is directly in the sun so SPF is crucial!

Stay away from the sugar

Yes, the Amy’s Ice Cream tent looks inviting. Yes, the sweet drinks offered look amazing. Don’t be fooled, Austin. If you want to maintain your energy to last the whole weekend and be able to see every artist you’ve put on your itinerary, eating healthy during ACL is of the utmost importance. Just as alcohol dehydrates the body quickly, eating lots of sugar will zap your energy, especially as you spend so much time under the sun. Opt for protein and vegetables that will keep your energy high for the whole weekend.

Just remember, ACL is a marathon (in the best way), not a sprint! If you want to last all three days, it’s a good idea to follow these steps so you can have the most energy for the best weekend of your life!


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